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Driver Error: The Cause of more than 90% of Truck Accidents

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Car Accidents, Injury, Truck Accidents | 0 comments

Compared to cars, 18-wheelers are much harder to maneuver; these huge vehicles also require more room, especially when making turns or driving along curves. This is why operating 18-wheeler or a big-rig requires special skills. Thus, before a person can be issued a commercial driver’s license, which will allow him or her to operate a truck (or a bus), he or she will first have to undergo a special training and a series of tests aimed at making sure that he or she can operate one safely.

There are more than two million semi-trailers currently operating in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). One fourth of these huge vehicles, that is 500,000 trucks, is said to get involved in accidents every year, with thousands of these accidents being fatal.

One of the common causes of truck accidents is a truck driver’s failure to check his or her blind spot, especially before making turns or making lane changes. A blind spot is an area where smaller vehicles are not visible to truck drivers. These blind spots, where most accidents occur, include a truck’s front, back area and sides, especially the passenger side.

Failure to check blind spots is a driver error which, according to the Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), is the cause of more than 90% of accidents involving trucks. Besides this failure, other errors attributed to truck drivers include driver fatigue, intoxication from prescription and/or over-the-counter-drugs which results to impaired driving, and speeding or driving too fast for road conditions.

The dangers that 18-wheelers or a big-rigs pose on the road make it imperative for truck drivers to observe all necessary safety measures. They should always realize that, due to the size of their vehicle, one mistake on their part can result to a deadly accident. Though it is true that they and, in certain instances, their employer, may be held liable for an accident that would occur, these accidents are nothing more than results of negligence, making these totally preventable. Accident lawyers from the Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, law firm advises people who have been in a vehicle accident or caused an accident to find out and know about their legal rights and options to help their case.

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What you need to know about iritis

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015 in Injury | 0 comments

The iris is the colored portion of the eye that is responsible in controlling the diameter of the pupil. This part of the eye controls how much light enters the pupil and reaches the retina, which affects how well we see things. When the iris becomes inflamed due to many different reasons, iritis occurs.

Iritis can be a result of many different things, including trauma. A single but sharp blow in the eye could cause your iris to be inflamed. According to a Mokaram & Associates, P.C. website, eye trauma can be a result of automobile accidents, defective airbags, or dangerous eye solutions. Apart from trauma, iritis can also be a result of one or more of these:

  • Infections – Tuberculosis and syphilis have been associated with iritis. Shingles may also increase your risk of this eye condition
  • Certain medications – Certain antibiotic and antiviral medications may trigger iritis.
  • Underlying medical conditions – These include Behcet’s disease and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Genes – Some genetic alteration may cause certain autoimmune diseases, such as sarcoidosis, which triggers iritis

People with an inflamed iris may experience eye redness and pain, photosensitivity, and blurred vision. If not diagnosed and treated immediately, iritis may lead to other more serious eye complications. These include cataracts, glaucoma (pressure build-up inside the eye), macular edema (swelling in the retina), and keratopathy (corneal disease caused by calcium build-up). All these complications may profoundly compromise your vision, and may even result in irreversible blindness.

If you think you are at higher risk of iritis and are suffering from one or more symptoms above, you should visit your ophthalmologist immediately for quick diagnosis. Your doctor will typically start with a complete eye exam followed by external examinations of the eye, such as glaucoma test and split lamp test. After an iritis diagnosis, your doctor may then recommend dilating eye drops or steroid eye drops to get rid of pain and inflammation.

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Injuries Caused by Dangerous Power Lines

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Injury | 0 comments

Power lines are put up and maintained by various agencies of the state, so it can be difficult to determine who to go after when they cause injuries or even death. According to the website of The Benton Law Firm, a successful personal injury or wrongful death claim against public agencies requires strong evidence of negligence on the part of the agency, and that their actions were unreasonable and were the direct cause of the injury.

There are several factors that can help determine whether the actions of the public agency were negligent. Some reasons that personal injury lawyers such as According to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, some of what personal injury lawyers sea are looking are:

  1. The height of the power lines from the ground
  2. Warning and other caution signs posted near the power lines (or lack thereof)
  3. The insulation (or having none of it) on the power lines
  4. Voltage in the lines
  5. The distance of the power lines from surrounding buildings
  6. Either the power lines is in compliance with the local safety codes

According to the website of Pohl & Berk, LLP, there can be instances where a third party (such as another person) or natural conditions/disasters causes the power lines to become dangerous. Even in these situations, the public agency in charge of maintaining the power lines can still be held liable if they failed to repair the dangerous situation despite knowing about it. The public agency will only be free from any liability if the victim’s injuries were caused by their acts of their own volition, or if they acted unreasonably which lead to their injuries.

Due to the complex nature of personal injury claims against public agencies, it is almost necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer who specialize in these types of cases. It is also advised to consult with lawyers who know the laws in your state, and who have experience in tackling with public agencies. Contacting a lawyer immediately will be helpful in securing the proper proof of negligence to make a strong personal injury claim.

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